As our name implies, Portable Welding Service is a service organization.

Phil Weber, president and founder of Portable Welding Services
President and Founder, Phil Weber

Since our founding in 1978, we have endeavored to provide high quality field welding and fabrication services. Successfully rendering these services, we have experienced two basic rewards:

The first is sustained corporate growth for thirty years.

More important however, is our expanding base of satisfied, loyal and profitable clients. Our list ranges from individuals with small, yet very important needs, to larger corporate members of the Fortune 500.

Further with the completion in 1986 of large modern shop facility, we offer off-site welding and fabrication as well as high-accuracy, large-member shearing, breaking, rolling, sawing, punching, drilling, milling and turning services.

Finally, Portable Welding Service, Inc. has built a reputation for providing first-rate service in timely fashion at a reasonable rate.

Please know that we will be honored to make these services available to you.

PWS About Us from Phil Weber on Vimeo.

Philip M. Weber President, PWS